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Aryaa Agri Tourism

Junnnar Taluka is proud to be the largest source of supply of fresh fruits and vegetables to entire Mumbai and Pune. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also exported overseas. Some of the main vegetables produced here include Onions, Tomatoes, Cauliflower, Potatoes, Cucumber, Carrots, Ground nuts, etc. Fruits grown here include Grapes, Sugarcane, Custard Apple, Pomegranate etc.

My family has a long and very proud tradition of being farmers. Though I am foreign educated and have spent a lot of years overseas, I never lost the love for the Soil. My full time profession may be heading operations of multiple businesses but I am still a farmer at heart. It is disappointing these days to see children as well as grown-ups having no or very little knowledge about where there food comes from. I thoroughly enjoy seeing my daughters play is the mud, in my own farms. I see them having fun while riding in a bullock cart or my tractor.

Hence we have started this agri-tourism initiative with a goal of sharing and spreading as much knowledge as possible to urban children and grown-ups. We want people to see where and how their food is grown, to be able to differentiate good and bad produce and to experience the hardships of farmers who plough these fields to feed us.

Our Program:

Various Farm Visits

Depending upon season, every farmer grows different crops in their fields. We will take you on visit to farms that are operational at that time.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Testing

You can taste fresh grapes, custard apple, and tomatoes etc. straight from the plants. Our farmers will explain how they grow a particular crop and what difficulties are involved. They will also explain too you how to differentiate between good and bad quality produce. You will also learn what the health benefits of that fruit or vegetable are.

Opportunity to purchase fresh produce

We will have washed, cleaned and handpicked fruits or vegetables packed in small boxes for you to purchase if you wish to. These fruits and vegetables are sold at very nominal farm prices cutting out the middle men.

Bullock Cart Ride / Tractor Ride

We will definitely take you out for ride in our bullock cart or tractor. Believe me the kids love it as well as the parents.

Small Scale Dairy Business Visit

Several members of my family have also successfully ventured into small scale dairy farming. You can see first had how the cattle are kept. You will get the opportunity to feed the cows and buffaloes. Our farmers will demonstrate how the cows and buffaloes are milked and will also give you the opportunity if you wish to do so.

Vighnahar CO-OP Sugar Factory Visit

You will see a lot of sugarcane farms on your visit to Junnar, thanks to Vighnahar Co-op Sugar Factory. Depending upon the time of year when the factory is operational, we can take permissions to visit the sugar factory and see how jaggery and sugar are made from sugarcane.

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